Sunday 22 January 2017

How to do a stress free family holiday

Taking the kids on holiday is no mean feat. There’s so much to do that you can end up feeling totally overwhelmed by it all, and even start to think you’d be better off staying at home. But don’t despair, help is at hand in the form of our guide to getting away from it all, and all you have to do is read on…

1.    Pack with care, remembering that Europe has everything you need
If you’re travelling with very young children or babies, it’s tempting to pack an entire supply of nappies and formula that will cover you for all of your break. The good news is, you don’t have to bring everything but the kitchen sink. Pack only the absolute essential kit that you’ll need for feeding and changing, as well as some carefully chosen clothes for each child. Holiday resorts in Germany, France, Spain and Italy are all designed to cater for families, so you’ll be able to pick up any extra supplies while you’re out there.
2.     Plan distractions, especially for longer trips to Scandinavia
The last thing you want is to have to put up with endless whining that the kids are bored and that there’s nothing to do on the way to your destination. Pack a little distraction kit for each child that will help them to pass the time. Choose items like favourite books, a tablet for playing games or watching videos, colouring books and pens, and some healthy snacks to keep them going until you can organise a meal. The result of this will be that your taxi to stockholm trip to the hotel, or the bus from the airport in Oslo to your apartment will be an absolute breeze!
3.     Stick to your sleep routine, even for long haul flights
If you’re anything like me, the sleep routine you have established with your little ones has been a hard won battle from which you emerged exhausted but triumphant. Don’t let your routine slide while you’re away if you can manage it, even while you’re travelling to Australia, South America or New Zealand. Bring home comforts like a favourite blanket or a much loved teddy bear to help them to settle, and read them a story as you always would – this can be done with a little patience even while negotiating trains, planes and automobiles!
4.     Keep them hydrated in hot climates
This is especially important is you are travelling to a hot country like India or Oman, or if you’re heading off to during the summer months. Give each child their own water bottle, and encourage them to take regular sips throughout the day. This will not only stop them from suffering dehydration, it will prevent the kids from thinking they’re hungry all the time: yet another headache saving trick for you!
Travelling with the kids doesn’t have to be a nightmare – with a bit of planning and organisation, you can all arrive at your hotel, villa or apartment feeling fine and raring to start your holiday. Have a look at my suggestions on how to enjoy Portugal if you need any inspiration for your next trip. Bon voyage – and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!


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