Tuesday 13 December 2016

What we got the girls for Christmas!

I love reading these posts as it gives me such inspiration, I'm really struggling with the girls as it seems they have everything already! Sienna hasn't really got a 'main' present I'd say as we just didn't know what to get her.. we thought about getting her a bike but it's a bit mean as it's now Winter and she will barely be able to go on it haha!

girls christmas presents

As well as these presents, I am hoping to get them a few bits of clothes and pyjamas etc as they always need them and it will help 'bulk out' the presents a bit! I'm going to use grab a few bits from GAP! I love GAP, especially for pyjamas but they can be quite pricey so I always look around for deals or vouchers before I check out. www.myfavouritevouchercodes.co.uk/gap-voucher-codes has been the best ones I have found so far!

So onto the main presents.. instead of the bike, we got her the Fur real cat.. it's interactive and sounds so real, it's also super soft! I think she will love it but I also think Aria will too haha! There might be argument over this one!

Then I just got her little bits that she has pointed out in the shops that I know she'd like. She loves her playmobil that she got last year from being an ambassador for them, so I got her the little City Life shopping centre clothing carry case. She loves dressing things so this will be a winner and I love the fact it's in a case too! Although I doubt it will stay there long haha!

She still absolutely loves her Shopkins too and does play with all of them so when she asked for one of the doll, I wanted to make sure I got her one. I went for Jessica purely because I like the name and it's the one I hear her talk most about!

I also then got her the Hawkin Robo My Magical Mermaid Play Set. I came across it randomly on Amazon and thought she'd love it. It's basically a tank that you fill with water and the mermaid actually swims. It sounded pretty cool I'm excited to see it myself!

For Aria, we got a walker. I think it's the obvious choice for a 10 month old who is so nearly walking! I loved this Fisher-Price dolls pushchair one, it is so cute and she can use it as a toy even when she's mastered taking those steps!

I then also got her this musical book.. we have an old one form the charity shop and she loves it so I thought I'd get another one to add to the collection! I then just got her a few of the toot-toot characters as again they're musical and I think she'll love them!

I will probably end up getting a few other bits to go with this.. I never think I have enough and always end up with loads but never mind! They're worth it ;)

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