Friday 2 December 2016

Tackling fussy eaters with Annabel Karmel & Ecover

We love trying new recipes in our house and I am always trying to find new, exciting ways of getting the girls to eat healthy food. Fussy eaters can be hard to please and cooking with kids can result in a lot of mess but Ecover have teamed up with leading expert on child nutrition Annabel Karmel, to bring you a series of tips and recipes specifically designed to keep mealtimes tasty and fuss-free. 

The launch of the new mini series is part of Ecover's ongoing commitment to helping families achieve a happy, healthy home through getting children excited about the food they're eating, making healthy food choices appeal to the fussiest of eaters and helping with the clean up.

I always find Sienna is more enthusiastic if she's been involved with the making or baking process and Ecover's research has shown this to be true too, so that's why this campaign is something I wanted to get involved with.

We decided on making the chicken nuggets from our recipe cards (you can see the recipe card above if you want to try them!).. Sienna has recently become a big fan of chicken nuggets but I know they aren't too healthy so I rarely let her have them. We also usually only bake/make sweet things so this made for a nice change. 

She was more excited to be involved with the process than I thought, basically doing everything herself! She was excited to make something different and said she didn't know you could make chicken nuggets and she wanted to see how to do it and what they'd taste like. 

The recipe was fun and easy to do and I think it definitely helped Sienna see how making things yourself are healthier. I loved knowing exactly what was in them too! Obviously, we did make a big, big mess but I knew I had the Ecover products to help me so I tried not to stress of tell Sienna to not make a mess!

The products worked really well (the wipes smell amazing!) and the kitchen was clean in no time! We also loaded the dishwasher about twice as we used quite a lot of equipment but everything came out clean the first time round with the cover dishwasher tablets which is fab as I usually have to put things through atlas twice before they come out clean! 

The finished product turned out so good, Sienna actually ate about 10 nuggets for lunch with some raw veggies haha! I also had a nibble and can agree they were so tasty and not dry at all which I personally find with shop bought chicken nuggets. We will definitely be making these again as even Aria loved them which is brilliant!

Do you find your kids to be fussy eaters? Do you find they eat better if involved with the making/baking process?

*Ecover and Annabel Karmel have teamed up to create a new mini series of simple yet nutritious recipes available on the Ecover Facebook page and have compensated me for this post however all thoughts and photos are my own.

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