Thursday 22 December 2016

Health Obsessed? Then These Jobs Might Be Perfect For You

If you’re reading this, then there’s a large chance you’re obsessed with health. Whether it’s the health of your body and ensuring you stay free from illness, or your health in a fitness capacity making sure your stay in good shape. Either way, you’re a real health nut and love talking about the human body. So, I thought it would be fun to show you some health-related jobs that you could consider. Check them out down below:


Becoming a physiotherapist is one of the most popular careers in the health industry. For anyone that’s obsessed with health and fitness, this is a great job for you. Essentially, you deal with people that have injuries or are recovering from surgery, helping people walk again who have lost limbs or have had injuries on particular parts of their bodies. They rely on you to teach them exercises and create stretching programs to get them back on track and physically fit once again. It’s a well-paid job, and you have to be super into the human body to do it. You’ll need plenty of training to learn about all of the muscles in the body. What I love about this job is that it’s something that can help out with your own health and fitness too. You’ll know the correct way to exercise without injuring yourself and will start to understand the proper way to stretch, etc. Plus, you make a dramatic difference in other people’s lives. You can literally help relieve someone of pain that they’ve had for years with the right physiotherapy program. It’s incredibly rewarding and great for anyone that’s super interested in health and the human body.


This next job is perfect for any health freaks out there that always go on about their diet. If you’re one of those people that love taking pictures of your healthy meals and posting them to Instagram, then you’ll adore this career idea. A nutritionist will instruct people on what they should and shouldn’t eat. Every person you work with may be better suited to a different diet plan. It will be your job to assess each patient and tell them what they should be eating to help their body and get more out of life. It’s likely you’ll see patients from all walks of life with different nutritional habits. You could work with sick people that need a diet plan that’s designed to give them more energy every day. Or, you could work with elite level athletes that need health meal plans to help them build muscles and sustain their energy levels. It’s a highly interesting career and a job where you can learn so much about food. If you’re interested in working out and eating healthily, then this is such a beneficial job for you. You’ll learn everything about food and the human body - how much of a certain nutrient we need when the best times to eat are, and so much more! Then, you can translate this to your daily life and start eating better and seeing quicker fitness results. Of course, as a parent, you also have the bonus of being able to apply everything you learn to your family too. So, you ensure your house is only full of the most nutritional and healthy snacks for your kids to grow up eating!


Some people think that being a nurse isn’t a very attractive career. However, it’s one of the most important health-related jobs out there. As a nurse, you have the responsibility to care for many different patients and ensure they’re in good health. Truthfully, it’s not too dissimilar from being a parent when your kids get sick. You spend a lot of time rushing around making sure they’re okay and eating the right foods to get their energy up and feel better. Plus, there are places like Staffnurse Nursing Jobs where you can apply for part-time roles. So, if you’re keen to make some money in your spare time to help support your family, this is a good option for you. Also, nurses are fairly well-paid, so you’ll be doing a rewarding job within the health industry and getting a good wage for it too. Definitely a good idea for mums that have spare time on their hands and enjoy looking after people and caring for those that need help. Also, as a nurse, you’ll learn about all sorts of cool and interesting health facts. You’ll be taught about how to keep yourself healthy and how to avoid catching illnesses and spreading germs. These are things you can take back to your family and teach them too! So, you can improve the health and wellbeing of your family thanks to the knowledge you gain from this job.

Personal Trainer

Finally, we arrive at a job that’s tailor-made for the real health & fitness fanatics out there. If you spend a lot of time working out and have been exercising rigorously for years, then why don’t you consider a career as a personal trainer? Much like being a nurse, you have the option to go part time and not spend too many hours away from home every day. A personal trainer handles various clients and helps train them towards their specific fitness goals. You could work with someone that wants to pack on muscle or someone that wants to trim down and get rid of their belly fat. It’s a very active career and is extremely easy to get into. All you have to do is pass a few simple exams to get the right certificates and qualifications. In fact, this is a great job that you can do alongside being a physio or nutritionist. There’s a lot of crossovers between these careers, so it’s something to consider. Of course, as a personal trainer, you will be looking at workout programs and putting together routines for your clients. This involves experimenting with new exercises, which can help improve your personal fitness levels too. It’s a fun career, and one of the more flexible health-related jobs out there.

If you’re reaching that stage in parenthood when you have too much free time on your hands, then maybe it’s time you sought out a new career? Give these a consideration if you’re health obsessed and want to have a job that involves health care.

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