Monday 19 December 2016

Christmas food shopping! #Ad

Ah Christmas food shopping.. my list used to be full of alcohol and delicious food for us but now it seems to mainly be lots of kid snacks to keep the girls going throughout this busy time of year! My girls are always hungry and Sienna is always asking for a snack, so I spend my life in the supermarket even more so when she's off playgroup. I always think I'm popping in to get a few bits and end up with a whole trolley full. Tell me you do that too?! 

Boon. app review

I recently found out about boon., which is an App compatible with Apple Pay and it has been helping me stick to a budget so I don't go overboard. boon. with Apple Pay is a simple, smarter way to pay. You just set it up to use with your Apple wallet and then pay with a single tap. 

Boon. app review

You can add credit to your boon. card from your bank account so you can keep more a track on your spending. It works by just holding your phone over a contactless card machine which is much more quick and convenient than trying to dig your card out of your purse, putting your pin number in (if you can remember it) and then fumbling around trying to get your card back in your purse without dropping it and then your purse back into your bag whilst trying to get out of the way of the next customer paying. 

Boon. app review

With my £100 boon. credit I decided to get some Christmas nibbles.. we tend to be so busy during the Christmas holidays visiting family and having fun days out that we don't really 'do' meals, we just grab snacks bits here and there. Not the healthiest, but it's the one time of year I let myself go a little bit and don't worry about getting a million veggies into the kids (and us) every day! 

Boon. app review christmas shopping

 I got several packs of crisps, crackers, nuts.. just general snacks bits we can keep in bowls and grab or put out when we have family visiting. I also got a few packs of these penguin Yule logs for the girls as a little treat! I remember eating these as a kid! I also got quite a lot of chocolate but some of it has gone already...

Popcorn is a must have for all the movie nights we will have, along with hot chocolate, complete with snowman marshmallows! We have an extra big one on Christmas eve so again, I stocked up and got a few packs ;)

I did get something with a bit more substance for dinners. Cheese & crackers is one of our favourite 'snacky' dinners and the girls love cheese too! I just add some veg sticks and fruit and it isn't too bad for us but so quick to do after a busy day! I also got several packs of the party food range but didn't want to bore you photographing everything! Again, they're so convenient (and yummy) to stick in the oven and eat! Also great for hosting little parties too or if unexpected guests pop in.

Now I'm all stocked up, ready for Christmas all with the help of boon. that made it a lot less stressful. I'm totally a contactless convert now! boon. also have a Secret Santa draw competition running at the moment over on their Facebook pageEnter the boon. Secret Santa draw today for a chance to WIN a Silver package for two to The BRIT Awards 2017 with Mastercard. boon. #SecretSanta will also give £10 to 15 boon. fans per day so don't miss out!

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