Tuesday 20 December 2016

Aria at 10 months old

Aria is now 10 months old and oh has she changed. She is babbling away all the time, trying to copy words and saying 'raa' like a lion all the time! We are pretty sure she says 'Piper' so that is her first word, so cute! She absolutely loves Piper although she is still bit rough with her and pulls her fur, but but she is learning gentle and does stroke her. 

She now has 4 teeth, the 2 bottom and the two top, although the top ones have only just cut. Teething has been rough.. she really suffers bless her, especially her bottom! She gets so sore but we make sure to change her nappy more often than normal and load up on the nappy cream! We have been using Bepanthen and it's been working really well, I love the new packaging of it as well, I'm able to flick the lid up and squeeze it out with one hand. This is such a bonus as Aria absolutely hates having her nappy done and if you let go to open the nappy cream, she's flipped over & crawled away with no nappy on! I have to be sure to hold her down with at least one hand. 

Bepanthen have also just launched a new ebook called 'What the parenting manuals don't tell you'. It providegenuine tips for new or expectant parents from mums and dads who have experienced it all and let me tell you, it is so so true! They've done a great job with it.. view it or download it here

Now that she's able to get about & is showing more personality, her relationship with Sienna has blossomed. Sienna loves helping her walk and is always showing her what things are or how to use them. With Sienna as a big sister, Aria is bound to be just as clever! She already 'knows' so much even though she can speak. She knows what the book, ball, bottle and Christmas tree is. If you ask her where something is, she will look around and then point at it. She points ALL the time, her finger is always out to inspect things haha.

Talking of moving around, she is pretty much walking. She takes a good 10 steps before reverting to crawling so she will be there in no time. She started off wobbly but I noticed today she is getting more speedy and almost trying to run! She's starting to hate being in the carseat now as she's rear facing and wants to see and talk to sienna, journeys are quite hard unless she's sleeping as she's normally screaming and trying to break out of the straps like hulk. At the moment she still likes being in the pushchair but only sat up straight so she can see everything!

I'm so excited for her first Christmas, I love this age, where she can join in but still has so much wonder on her face as she sees things for the first time. It's amazing! 

Ps. If you want to see how she is in our day-to-day lives, why not pop over and watch our channel? See you there!

*In collaboration with Bepanthen but all thoughts are my own.
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