Wednesday 2 November 2016

Tips and Tricks to Help You Quit Cigarettes Before the New Year

Many people attempt to quit smoking as part of a New Year’s resolution; however, attempting to kick the habit before the New Year can often make it easier to stick to.  If you want to get your health back on track, save some money and generally stick to your decision to quit – here are some tips to help you succeed. 
One alternative to smoking, that will help beat the cravings is exercise. When you get a craving, you can go for a run, do some jumping jacks or even crunches until the craving passes. Using exercise is a method, where you are replacing a bad habit with a positive one. Overtime your body will stop craving the cigarette and start craving the exercise. Exercise while you are quitting smoking will also help reduce weight gain that can occur when you quit. In addition, quitting smoking can be a stressful time, a solid exercise program can help reduce that stress. 
While hypnosis may not be for everyone, some people swear by it. The idea behind hypnosis is you enter into a trance like state or a heightened state of awareness and in this state, your brain is more open to suggestions such as the suggestion to quit smoking. Hypnosis does not work for everyone and will most likely be most successful when combined with other strategies such as exercise and meditation. If you do decide to move forward with hypnosis, make sure you find a professional, who is properly trained and licensed. 

Another alternative to smoking is nicotine replacement, which can be done in a few ways such as a patch or lozenge; however, the most popular alternative is purchasing an electronic cigarette. E-cigarettes, which are also referred to as vaping, can assist you in quitting in a few ways. Rather than quitting cold turkey, which has shown not to be an effective method, you can gradually reduce your nicotine in take over time. Along with a nicotine addiction, many smokers are also addicted to the act of smoking. An e-cigarette allows you to continue to go through the motion of smoking, while you are reducing your dependency on nicotine. In addition, e-cigarettes contain no tar, tobacco or smoke so you will instantly feel the benefit of switching over. 
Avoid Your Triggers
All smokers have certain triggers that cause you to want to pick up that cigarette. When you first stop smoking, it is important to avoid these triggers. For many smokers, one of their main triggers is alcohol. When you first stop lighting up, you may want to avoid alcohol for the first few weeks. If you do end up drinking, try to have some snacks nearby to help overcome the urge. If you socialize within a social circle of smokers, this can also be a trigger. It is important to take the time to let them know, that you are making the effort to quit and you will no longer be attending the midday smoke break. 
There is also the prescription option to assist quitting smoking called Chantix. Once prescribed by your doctor, you will want to start taking Chantix one week prior to the date you plan to stop smoking. Chantix has been shown to cause users to lose the craving to smoke cigarettes. It is important to keep in mind that Chantix is a powerful prescription drug, and some users have reported suffering from disturbing dreams, suicidal thoughts and nausea. It is extremely important you stay in touch with your doctor while taking this medicine and report any unusual symptoms
While quitting smoking is a major challenge, it is an obstacle you can overcome with hard work and dedication. If you can achieve your goal before the New Year, you will certainly be starting 2017 off right. Good luck! 

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