Thursday, 10 November 2016

Girls shared room ideas

girls shared room

Since we have decided on not moving (for now anyway..), we have been tying to persuade Sienna to share a room with Aria when she's in a proper bed and out of her cot. Sienna was in a bed at 18 months old as her cot became dangerous (she used to try and climb out) and it looks like Aria will be exactly the same.. she already tries to climb the bars with her toes!

If they shared a room, we would love to turn what is currently Aria's room into an office. I desperately need one! Sienna's room isn't exactly huge so the only way this would work, would be to have bunk beds which I'm hoping Sienna will come round too. These one above are from Oldrids. At the moment she has her tree house bed which we love but it does take up a lot of room!

I'd love for them to be able to have a little dressing table area too as Sienna loves dressing up and I think Aria will too. I never had one as a little girl but would have absolutely loved one! We wouldn't be able to fit much furniture in there so I'd have to accessory a lot to add colour. Most of these things in my collage above are from Retro kids, I adore all of their stuff and will be getting the girls some bits from there for Christmas. I'd also have to get some ready made curtains, ideally blackout ones so they'd hopefully sleep better than they do now! 

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