Friday 25 November 2016

beating the post wedding blues... our 5 year plan!

This week I've been feeling a bit 'blah' it's probably a combination of not feeling great, having poorly kids, the weather being crap and the post wedding blues. Sounds good huh? haha!

I've just been in a bit of a funk and I feel like life has got a little boring.. I guess because I got used to it being so busy in the lead up to the wedding and honeymoon and also because we have been ill, we haven't been out much.

To kind of beat the blues, I have been focusing on what is upcoming. We have a little 5 year plan that we're hoping will happen. If you know us, you know none of our plans happen the way we intend. Here's our last 5 year plan I did... We had an order of wedding, honeymoon then 2nd baby... well it turned out 2nd baby came first ;) haha! I can't believe when we stopped trying, I got pregnant with Aria!

Buy a house. 
The next big milestone is to buy a house. We're unsure when exactly this will happen within those 5 years as we need to save a deposit which is hard. We managed to save for our wedding but we don't want to go straight back into saving. We want to enjoy life a little bit more with the girls and not have to worry about saving every penny.

This infographic from AIG does say about being in Ireland but all the steps are pretty much the same for buying in England so it still offers some good tips. It's good to have a step by step guide as sometimes it feels a bit daunting and like you have no idea where to start when it comes to buying your first house. If you are in Ireland though, AIG also do home insurance.

Travel/do experiences
We really want to start travelling a bit more but obviously this will be hard when saving for a deposit so we need to probably do this first. It will also be hard when Sienna goes to school next year, we'll have to save up and pay more to go in the half terms which is a bit of a bugger. Travelling has never really interested me until I had the girls. I'm not sure why.. I guess now I have my family to share it and make memories with, it sounds so much more appealing. We already have France booked for July next year but we're also hoping to go somewhere a little bit further before Sienna starts school. I want the girls to be a bit more well travelled than me.. not just abroad but to London, Scotland etc and doing different days out/experiences.. I had never really been anywhere when I was little. I didn't go to London until I was about 17!

Disneyland, Florida
If we don't manage to travel much whilst saving for a house, we have promised Sienna and ourselves that we will definitely go to Disneyland if it kills us! I have always wanted to go and the fact I now have two little girls is just the best excuse! We want them both to enjoy it and remember it though so we will have to wait until Aria is at least 3 we think, so we have a bit of time to save!

Both Warren and I are trying to build our careers up a bit more so we are able to do all these plans and give ours girls the best life we can. Warren has had exciting talks of promotion and is very good at what he does. I am really trying to build my YouTube up as that is my main passion and I love making the memories of our girls. I'm giving daily vlogging a go to capture our lives, the good, the bad and the damn right hard! I know when the girls are older, I'll be so happy I capture everyday, even the boring, say at home days. I'm so close to 10k on my channel which is my first big milestone! I'd love it if you subscribe and followed our journey with us.

So that's the plan... now let's see what happens!

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