Wednesday 5 October 2016

Wedding planning: 3 days to go!

I thought I'd do another little update on the wedding now that it's only 3 days away..eek! I don't think it's really sunk in we are getting married so soon. I think because we've been planning it for over 2 years, it's always been so far away that it kind of feels like it will never happen!

Everything is nearly done.. all the big bits.. although my dress from Abbey Brides has just come back yesterday so I'm off to get it this morning! I just hope it fits as if it doesn't, there isn't much time to get it changed!

We also still need to do the favours and table plan.We are getting our table plan from Sarah at Peach Wolfe Paper Co. She has been amazing so far, I sent her a picture of our save the dates and she has designed them perfectly to match! I just need to put it all together.

This is a peek at our table plan! We loved the whole ladder table plan but we couldn't find a tall step ladder without being overpriced so we made our own. The bottom is a small step ladder, passed down to my dad from my great Grandad and then we found an old ladder from a bunk bed in my mums garage and secured it on top! I painted it all white with Rustoleum chalk paint in Antique white and then wrapped some white rose fairy lights around it from eBay.

I think it's worked really well and gives the look we wanted. I am going to use some string and mini white pegs to peg the table plan cards on, we have 6 tables so will hang 2 in each of the top 3 spaces. Hopefully it will look good!

Apart from that I think it's just the waiting game now! I'm trying not to stress too much as it brings on my headaches. They were so bad a few months ago that I considered seeing a London Chiropractor as a kind of last resort as nothing else seemed to be working but touch wood, they haven't been too bad this month!

I have been considering hiring someone for office cleaning (my lounge is basically my office!) just to help out as I'm finding it hard so hard fitting everything in. Once a week would just help so much but I'm going to hold off until after the wedding and see if I can catch up or if I still feel like I need a bit of help!

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