Thursday 20 October 2016

How I keep fit as a mum!

I get a lot of questions about how I stay fit as a mum and how I lost my baby weight ready for my wedding. It's not easy and it definitely didn't 'fall off' me, I have worked hard and been determined but here's a few tips to help you!

How to keep fit as a mum

Eat clean/choose healthier choices
Nutrition is the main thing to focus on. Eating less processed foods and less things with added sugar in will help you lose the weight. Batch making and freezing healthy meals or snacks is great as you can grab things on the go but they are still healthy. Also upping your protein will help those snack attacks and sugar cravings.. I use a vanilla protein from MyProtein to add to smoothies or pancakes. Here's a fab site for some voucher codes if you want to try it! 

Get in the workouts
Exercise is obviously important too, weight loss is simply eating less calories than you burn. I found it hard to fit in the workouts having a newborn, but I either did them when she went down for a nap and gave Sienna some colouring or something to do or I did them at baby's 'happiest hour' around 3-4pm when she'd be happy led on the playmat or in her walker when she got older and Sienna would occupy her too. Circuits and HIITs are fab if you have a fussy baby because you can attend to them in the 'rest' time. I would do 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off.. so I put her down for 30 seconds and then I'd pick her back up and cuddle her while I rested for 30 seconds and repeat until I finished the workout. She seemed happier with this and it meant I got my workout done. 15-20 minutes at maximum pace is perfect 4 times a week.

Just walk
On the days where I was super tired from not sleeping and Aria was really grumpy and I couldn't face a high intensity workout, I just went walking pushing the pushchair or wearing her in the wrap. Fresh air does wonders for sleep deprivation and you're still burning those calories. A good 40 minute walk is better than nothing.. I still do these now when Sienna is at playgroup. It works as my 'me time' as Aria is generally happy in the pushchair so she isn't clung to my hip or whinging at me.

Stay hydrated
Staying hydrated is key to keep your body working properly, getting rid of hunger pangs and stopping you feeling so tired so it's so, so important! Flavour it with lemon or lime if you're not a fan of plain water.

I hope these tips have helped you! Let me know if you have anymore to add.
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