Thursday 8 September 2016

A little wedding update!

We get married in just over 4 weeks, eek!! I can't quite believe it, it seems like it's come round so quick but it also feels like we've been planning this day forever. I can't believe our visions will finally come to life after 2 years!

Needless to say we are busy at the moment with all different kind of appointments and busy doing a bit of prep and organising all the decor we've now decided to buy. 

We left all the decor to the end as we weren't sure if we could afford much but now we can so I've been ordering a few things. I have done haul that will be up on my channel soon so keep your eyes peeled! 

I'm also really trying to stick to eating well and doing some exercise at least 4 times a week but it's proving hard! If I lived in the big smoke and has more time, I could get a personal trainer in East London but unfortunately I don't! I'm mainly trying to do weights as I want to tone up and I feel like I do enough cardio and calorie burning just running around after the girls all day! 

I had my dress fitting this week and it does need to be taken in quite a bit so I'm not necessarily trying to lose weight, just feel a bit more toned, particularly for our honeymoon! We are meant to have the money back for the honeymoon by the end of this month so we went ahead and booked it again and will hopefully pay it off with that money. We managed to get the same hotel which is fab as it's so family friendly and I love they have an inside play area for the girls out of the sun!

It's such an exciting time coming up, we can't wait! But I know we'll be sad when it's all over!

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