Thursday 25 August 2016

The secret life of Piper!

*This post is sponsored by Petplan and they also gifted me the camera to film with.

Sienna has been really obsessed with 'The secret life of pets' movie ever since it's been out.. even though we haven't seen it yet! We have been meaning to take her, we just haven't got round to it what with having Aria and planning the wedding.. but we have promised we will see it soon and I urge you too ;)

  The Secret Life of Pets © 2016 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. 

She loves watching the trailer and knows all the characters already, I think she has a few cuddly toys as well! She loves seeing what they get up to and it got us questioning what Piper does when we're away and what 'secret' life she has! 

We were kindly sent a camera that connects to my phone so we are able to watch Piper when we're out and about or in bed. We're also able to record little bits of it so I have put some clips together that I've taken over the past few days for you to see! 

She scared of the camera at first (she is scared of everything, even her own shadow.. seriously!). For most of it, she just sits and looks out the window.. she is so nosey but she does a few odd things like lies out on the floor in the most random places. Maybe they're nice and warm? She did even sneak upstairs at one point I think which we don't normally allow! It serves us right for not shutting the door so we will have to remember that in the future! She was also after that fly she could see haha!

Sienna loved watching what Piper gets up too and true to form of a 3 year old has made us her own little stories of why she thinks Piper was doing what she was doing! Apparently Piper was looking out the window for a friend and then couldn't find one so was sulking on the floor and fell asleep. haha bless her! It probably isn't too far from the truth ;)

Will you be seeing The secret life of pets? Do you wonder what your pets get up too on their own?

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