Friday 5 August 2016

THAT kitchen & moving update

So I mentioned in my House hunting. Again. post that we had started looking for other houses to rent as we feel like we need more space. We weren't planning on actually moving or finding anything we liked until after the wedding but of course, we found a really nice house straight away and I was feeling a bit heartbroken. But I'm over it.

My instinct is telling me to wait until after the wedding, that something better will come up.. as nice as the kitchen is.. there were a few things about it that weren't so great. The rest of it was pretty outdated, the garden and outside was a bit tatty and most of all.. the location wasn't where we wanted. 

Location is really important to me as it's where we'll bring our girls up and where we'll make a home. It's also where Sienna will go to school and that was the problem with this house. The local schools weren't great and I wouldn't want Sienna going to them as my first (or second) choice. 

Location is also why we moved back from Bristol as we didn't want to bring our kids up there.
Cities have changed so much over the years.. SunLife have created this really cool tool that show you how your city used to look in the past and how it looks now. It's so fun to see! I'm sure that in the past, places didn't have such a stigma attached to them but unfortunately they do now.

So we've decided to hang fire for a while. We might even have a shift of furniture in this house and squeeze in some extra storage and maybe it will do us a little longer! (Who am I kidding!)

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