Wednesday 10 August 2016

funny things my 4 year old says #9

(we were sat on the swings at the park) 

SiSi: 'Oh your feet don't touch the floor either! How funny!'

Me: 'Maybe when I'm older they will'

SiSi: 'Yeah, maybe when you're 19! or 10! When we're both 10 our feet will touch the floor'


Me: 'Can you remind me we need honey at the shop please?'

SiSi: 'Yes mummy... Oh I know why we need honey! For the honeymoon because it says honey!'


'I've just wished for a unicorn'


'It's zero-seven-zero.. it's 10 o'clock! It's the middle of the night and someone's ringing me!


'They were so hotting naughty!'


'I'm calling the sofa a couch, because thats what Americans call it & I want to be American' (American said in the accent!)


'My baby's called Fryer because when she popped out she really wanted eggs, so I fried her some eggs and then called her Fryer'

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