Friday 12 August 2016

Our cancelled honeymoon!

(Pic from 2011 on our way to Turkey.. aww!)

A few weeks ago, you might know that we woke up to an email saying that our honeymoon in October had been cancelled. You can imagine how p*ssed off we were about this. It was all because Low Cost Holidays have gone bust which was disappointing. We have been on holiday with them before and they were great.

After a few hours of drowning our sorrows in coffee, we looked into see what we could do about it. We did get travel insurance but we got it through low cost holidays themselves, so obviously that wasn't going to help! We saw a few people on social media saying to contact your bank and ask them so that's what we did. After getting all the info, they finally said they'd be able to pay back our money. Woo!

The only thing is, while the investigation and everything is going on, they are allowed to pay us back. We have to wait until it has stopped which they have estimated will be around 8 weeks. Well it was booked for October 10th so that isn't really going to help us. We need the money back in order to re-book a hotel and if we get a week or so before we're meant to go, we probably won't be able to book anything suitable for the kids.

We don't really know what to do about it.. wether to cancel the flights that are still valid and lose the money and pray we get the money from the bank.. or wether to hold out hope that we will be able to book a family friendly hotel last minute. We have thought about getting a short term loan from somewhere like Vivus in order to book it and pay for it now and then when/if we get the money refunded from the bank, we can pay if off with that. It's such a hard decision as at the end of the day, it is 'only' a holiday.. but it is our honeymoon and the girls first holiday abroad so we were really looking forward to it!  

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