Monday, 29 August 2016

Mummy + Me // August 2016

August has been full of lots of fun days out! The weather has been bit better, we've had a few hot, sunny days and we've spent lot of time outside, which the girls love! I've made a bit more of an effort to take them out more and they do get bored just stuck inside. We've had so many picnics with friends which both girls love the most. Aria always seems happier sat outside than inside, she loves the breeze and watching any type of trees or leaves blow around. 

We've also spent a lot of time at the park, which again they both love and it costs nothing so it's great to burn a few hours and energy there! Aria is very nearly crawling which means I have to watch her like a hawk as she can move around and grab things she shouldn't have and then face plants the floor as she can't move her knees forward yet, only her hands.

I absolutely love my days with my girls! Sometimes it's hard work but most of the time it's full of fun and making memories is all that matters!

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