Thursday 4 August 2016

In her own room!


Aria has made the big girl move into her own room. I thought it would tug on my heart strings a lot more than it did.. but she has been sleeping a lot better since making the move so that definitely helps! 

The transition wasn't hard, she seems to like the space. We decided to try her own room purely because she kept trying to roll over in the sleepyhead and crying being frustrated because she couldn't. The first night we put her in her cot, she took a while to actually get to sleep but once she was asleep, she rolled over onto her tummy and slept from 8 until 2! 

She generally sleeps from 7-1/2 now and then stays asleep until 5:30/6.. if it's closer to the 5:30 she generally goes back to sleep until around 7/8 but if it's closer to the 6, she seems to be wide awake and gets up for breakfast. 

We still seem to be struggling with the getting her to sleep.. she pretty much just screams and screams so I have to get her to sleep on me and then put her down on her tummy. I know it's bad habits but I can't bear to hear her scream. Even the neighbour commented on how much she screams at bedtime, oops! 

When she's a bit older we might try to tackle that..but I'm hoping she just grows out of it so I don't have to face the screams.

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