Thursday, 4 August 2016

How to find an elegant yet modest dress for your daughter

Modest in this day and age can be hard to come across. If you are prom dress shopping for your daughter, it may not come as a shock to find that modest yet stylish prom gowns are rare these days. The ironic thing is that modesty is naturally elegant anyway. So you just need to find the right gown, no matter how simplistic it is, to help your daughter look stunning from prom. 

To have something fashionable and lady-like at the same time is defiantly achievable, especially when you’re shopping online. There are plenty of great stores to choose a modest prom dress. When you are finding your dream dress, Peaches Boutique really go above and beyond to provide a beautiful selection of gowns. 

So how do you go about finding a modest prom dress anyway? 

You must first be willing to invest in a modest gown. It’s so common to find the dresses with tight-slits, open backs, plunging V-necks and so on. Knowing that a more modest gown will cost more money will help you prepare. It may also be the case that you can find a style your daughter loves and pay extra to get it modified. It will also cost more because modest and elegant homecoming dresses usually have more fabric too.

There are also certain websites that are especially directed towards women who want to find modest prom dresses. Whether it’s for religious reasons or a personal preference, it may be better to start shopping on sites specifically stocking modest gowns. Peaches Boutique has the widest collection of homecoming dresses in 2016 and they are a great place to start! 

Set some parameters everyone agrees on

Call for a family meeting! Get the dad involved and show his opinion is valued too of course. Then you should all set some realistic guidelines to a modest gown. There are certain things to consider such as a reasonable dress which has the right length, neckline and design. Let’s look at these in a little more detail: 
  • Length of gown: Having a dress that is knee length or shorter can still work well whilst looking modest and elegant. With a subtle neckline that doesn’t hint at much cleavage or reveal her back can remain lady-like. It also helps from the practical side that shorter dresses are always much easier to dance in! 
  • Neckline: How much cleavage a dress shows will ultimately make it modest or more on the ‘risky’ side. So stay far away from plunging V-Necks which leave little room to the imagination and opt for strapless or strappy gowns. These are all good as these styles tend to cover the cleavage. 
  • Skin revealed: As long as there’s not lots of skin on display, you are onto a winner. Something that is stuck to her skin may not be feasible. Yet a mermaid gown that hugs her feminine curves then flares out at the bottom may be perfect.

It comes down to really doing some thorough research to ensure everyone is happy with the end result. After all, it will be your daughter wearing the gown but you can both work together to find something modest and elegant.

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