Tuesday 2 August 2016

House hunting. Again.

Call us crazy, but we have been house hunting. Again.

Not for real, just for fun.. Although we have emailed to see if we can go and have a look.
A girl can dream, right?

I thought we'd be happy in this house for a good few years and we aren't particularly unhappy in it.. we just feel like we need more space since having Aria. When the house is all tidy and there is only us here, it seems fine, but when it gets a bit untidy and you have people round, it seems incredibly cramped and like there is no room for anything.

We have so much 'stuff'.. I desperately need more storage yet there isn't really room to put anymore furniture so things always look cluttered and surfaces get covered with bits and bobs that you don't really know where to keep.

We have lived together in 4 houses so far and we are a bit reluctant to move again just because of the hassle. We hate the whole moving process and we have done it enough times, but we can't have a bigger house without moving.

We have a big check list this time though of what we're looking for, so that hopefully we don't need to move again until we can afford to buy.

A bigger house means more money though so we need to see what we can find that we think we can afford. I have entered Artificial grass' fab giveaway going at the moment to win a £100 Homebase voucher as every little helps! Even if we don't end up moving, I can use it to spruce up this house and maybe find some kind of storage solution to help!

It could potentially be house number 5 within 6 years. Crazy? or Fun?

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