Tuesday 9 August 2016

Body image & raising girls

I remember very vividly standing in front of my full length mirror when I was 15, looking at myself in my underwear and just crying. 

I remember knowing full well that no-one would ever love me. No-one would ever want me to mother their children. No-one would choose me to spend the rest of their life with. No-one would want me and only me.

I was an overweight, spotty teenager and let the horrible comments get me down. 

I longed to be one of the 'lucky' ones that had good skin and a nice body. I longed to be the one everyone thought was pretty. And I longed to be the one who felt loved.

But now I realise luck had nothing to do with it. I'm still that girl, just older and wiser. I worked hard, educated myself on nutrition and exercise and starting practising what I preached. 

It wasn't quick and it wasn't easy and it certainly wasn't down to luck. But I have to say when I look back at pictures of the old 'me', I do feel proud now. I worked hard to change to be who I wanted to be and I have way more confidence now. That is the main difference. How I feel, as well as how I look.
I've tried really hard since having Sienna to not put myself down about my body, especially in front of her and to not let bloating or buying something in a bigger size put me in a bad mood and ruin my whole day. 

I want to promote a healthy body image and a healthy relationship with food and exercise. I love that they see me eat salad but also see me eat chocolate and I love that they see me doing my workouts and wanting to stay healthy.

I hoping these healthy habits will become part of their life too. I'm fully aware how we as mother's shape our daughter's body image and I want to raise my girls to have great confidence from the start. 

"How a mother treats (and refers to) her body can impact how her daughter experiences her own" - Stacey Rosenfeld. 

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