Saturday 6 August 2016

A day at Moors valley

On Wednesday, we headed down to Moors Valley with some friends for a fun day out. I have seen lots of people I follow on Instagram go and it looks lovely but never got round to going myself. It's quite far away for us, it takes just over an hour and I'm not the best driver so tend to avoid going to places I don't know. Luckily, my friend offered to drive me and Aria and Sienna went in another friends car! But now we've been, I'd totally drive myself, it wasn't bad at all!

The kids have so much energy in the summer holidays so a forest run and fresh air was just what they needed! They loved the space and freedom and Aria seemed to love looking around at all the people and trees as well! 

We wore wellies and took coats as when we left home, it looked horrible and grey and was forecast to rain but it actually turned out to be a really love day and we lugged our coats around for nothing, typical! The kids still loved jumping in the puddles with their wellies on though. 

We took packed lunches to keep the cost down. I used the girls new lunch boxes from Debenhams, they are so cute! Now that Aria is doing the babbled weaning, she needed a lunchbox to take a few bit sin and these are the perfect size for both girls. Sienna's will be perfect for when she goes back to school too. Can you guess who's is who's? ;)

Aria had a cheese roll and she loved it! Good job we ate outside as she made such a mess with it haha. She also tried mango and melon for the first time and again seemed to like it, although it shortly landed in the mud so she couldn't have it again haha!

After more exploring after lunch, we stopped for a ice cream break. I had the coffee mocha swirl and it was so good! I can't wait to go back so I can have it again. Sienna has her favourite; mint!

As well as the woodland walk, there is also big play areas along the way and a massive play area on the sand by the train station. This is where the kids spent most of their time playing as it was more open for us to keep our eyes on them, although it was so busy with it being summer holidays!

Aria absolutely loved the sand.. she has been on sand before but when she was tiny so she didn't really explore it. She was sat up in and was giggling when it touched her hand and rubbing her feet in it. It was so cute! We need to take her to the beach, she would love it. 

We had a lovely day and I would totally recommend it! It's £9 to park for over 4 hours which I don't think it too bad considering you don't pay to get in and if you take a packed lunch, you don't need to spend anymore money. You can definitely spend the whole day there exploring so £9 for a whole day of fun with the kids is a bargain!

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