Thursday 18 August 2016

6 months of sisters!

We've had 2 daughters for a whole 6 months now and it's been hard but incredible! I always wanted a little sister when I was growing up so to be able to give Sienna a little sister is kind of like a dream come true.. not to mention I have always wanted at least 1 girl myself, so to get 2 is amazing. I still pinch myself most days!

Sienna has adapted to being a big sister so well, we're so proud of her! She's been patient, understanding, gentle, helpful, affectionate.. she absolutely loves her little sister and hasn't shown much jealousy at all.. just lots of love.

She loves to help her learn, she is always showing her things or explaining to her how to do things even though she is so young. With Sienna as a teacher, Aria will definitely be a clever little sausage just like her big sister!

Watching their bond develop everyday is amazing and makes my heart literally burst. They give me so much joy I don't know how my heart copes! It's so fun now that Aria is a bit more mobile and able to join in a bit more. The girls have loved playing and splashing in the paddling pool, having beach days, going on long walks and funnily enough, they love going to do the food shop and sitting next to each other in the trolley. I am relishing this at the moment and I know they'll soon be arguing and squabbling, haha!

I feel like the next 6 months are going to be even better although more hectic as Aria will probably learn to crawl and walk, eek! I can't wait until they can properly play together and nor can Sienna!

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