Friday 22 July 2016

What would we do if we won the lottery?

I have teamed up with Lottoland and they kindly gave me £25 credit so I can play on their site.. We did the Powerball and the Euromillions and are crossing our fingers & toes! We also had some fun on a few scratch cards! I don't think we'll actually win, but it's a bit of fun to try and it got me thinking about what we would really do if we won the lottery. 

The first thing we'd do is buy a house which is probably cliche but a nice family home is important to me. I've been dreaming of a big country cottage with a gorgeous garden for years so we would try and scout our perfect house first and buy that. It would take us ages though as we have a big checklist... big spacious kitchen with an island in the middle, lots of storage and an aga, a big fireplace in the living room, a large bathroom with stand alone bath. A few acres of land with a few animals, maybe some ponies for the girls.. an outdoor heated pool.. you get the just ;)

Secondly, I would probably get us new cars. I think new cars are not only nice (obviously) but also a bit safer when you have kids as they generally are in much better condition than older cars. We seem to need a lot of space when we go away as well as I always over pack and you just need lots of stuff in general when you have a toddler and a baby! I think we'd both get Range rover's!

Thirdly, we'd try and travel a bit more. Especially if we won it now, we'd travel for the year before Sienna starts school! Warren wants to go round Europe in a camper van and Sienna wants to go to Disney in Florida! I've also always wanted to go to Austalia and the Maldives...

I need to stop dreaming now or when I come back to reality I'll feel so upset, haha!

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