Thursday 28 July 2016

What made today a great day #1

Sometimes it's all too easy to think of the negative things that happen in the day and why things didn't go to plan. Even though I may think our days are boring or stressful, I'm incredibly grateful that I can be a 'stay at home mum' and earn money for family at the same time. I want to keep track of the good things that happen in our days to remind myself it isn't bad at all so this is what made today great! 

(Written about the other day.. hope that isn't confusing!)

The girls didn't wake until 7:30am!

They were happy just chilling in bed until 9am so we had a nice lazy morning in bed playing together which was lovely

I finally packed the washing away so the stairs is clear for 5 seconds!

We made it out of the house for a little walk to the post office & park before the rain came in (and I snapped that cute photo!)

I didn't have any outfit changes as Aria wasn't sick on me at all for once

The girls seemed really happy today

Aria loved her breakfast (blueberry, apple and vanilla) and lunch (peas and carrots)

My gorgeous new ring arrived from Gemporia's white gemstone collection! I have wanted a thumb ring for so long but not a plain band, this one is perfect and a little bit different, I love it!

Sienna was happy playing outside with her dolls while Aria napped so I managed to get some work done.. always a good thing!

I managed to also squeeze in a quick 15 minute kettlebell arm workout and Sienna joined me with her baby kettlebell 

We visited my family for my brother's birthday 

I finally found a strapless bag for my hen night from House of Fraser, I just need to find my dress now!

Sienna is getting so good at writing her letters, it makes me proud

We had minimal tantrums from Sienna and crying from Aria

We had Chinese for dinner, Sienna choice and I thought sod it!

I managed to avoid anything chocolate related (this is great for my waistline I keep telling myself...)

The girls were good as gold in the bath and both went to sleep really well too

I caught up on 'Are you the one' (love that show!)

What made your day great?

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