Sunday 10 July 2016

Transitioning baby from moses basket to cot

One of the major milestones we know that new parents face, is the transition from moses basket to cot which can be challenging even with the very best designer baby cots. 

All of a sudden your little one goes from looking a bit oversized for their snug little newborn moses basket, to looking absolutely tiny in their new cot! The good news is that there are easy ways to facilitate the transition with some great advice from Adorable Tots.

Starting with the crib

Small babies love cribs or moses baskets because they are snug and help them to feel secure. Many cribs also rock, which helps little ones to doze off. Most babies will transition to their cot between 4-6 months, or when they can start to sit on their own and push up onto their knees and hands.

A Gentle Introduction

An easy way to begin the transition is to place the crib inside it for a while, so that your little one gets used to the view and the new space. You could begin this with daytime naps initially or for a short play time. 

Some parents will also put their babies in the cot from birth, especially if they are looking for an economical choice. This can work well if the cot can fit into your bedroom initially, otherwise you will need to get up and make your way to the nursery to feed little one through the night.

If you do decide to use a cot from newborn, then choose the highest position for the base initially and then slowly lower it as your little one becomes more mobile. Features to look for are teething rails, a drop side, adjustable height base for the mattress and lockable end castors. 

You can install a baby monitor nearby and link it into your room so that you can hear if your little one needs you.

Safety for babies at night

When you put your baby to sleep, make sure that he or she is in the feet-to-foot position and sleeping on the back. Any covers should only come up to the shoulders, or try a sleeping bag. Make sure that the room is cool and around 16-20 degrees.

Considering cot beds

A cot bed can also be a good choice as it will turn into a first bed when your little one grows out of the cot - as they will eventually of course! One side will drop down to give them easy access to get in and out once they are mobile and toddling.

Equip the new nursery

You'll feel a whole lot better when the new nursery is all ready and finished. Buy a beautiful new designer baby cot, cosy night light, monitor and other little extras to make the space beautiful. A mobile over the bed also delights little eyes and can settle a baby into their cot.

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