Friday 29 July 2016

Top summer toys your children will love!

Getting out and active in the summer with your children is a great way to introduce them to the great outdoors and spark their interest in sports at an early age. 
Gift buying for your kids can be a bit of a minefield as they grow and change, but these great ideas will help you choose the best summer toys your kids will love for years – and you might fancy having a go yourself!
Top summer toys your children will love!

Rolling Along 
It’s never too early to get your kids into outdoor activities, and the thrill of rolling around the garden on a new tricycle will be something they’ll never forget. There a lots of age-appropriate options out there for these things – you can even get three wheel scooters for extra safety. 
Places like Proline Skates have a special range of scooters, bikes and trikes that are designed with small children in mind with their dimensions perfectly fitting the under 5s. There are loads of colours and styles too, which will delight even the fussiest of little tykes. 
Outdoor Tents and Den Making
Den making is a great way to kindle the imaginations of shy or retiring children who prefer the indoors. You can get great den making kits in most decent toy shops, and they’re easy to make yourself too. 
You can get everything from tipis to pirate ships, castles and tents for your little ones to play outside and stay out of the sun’s rays on hot days. With a den making kit or a tent, they’re easier to put up a second time and move them indoors, unlike a more DIY effort. 

Thrills and Spills
Inflatables like character toys and paddling pools are great for getting kids involved with water and taking away any fears a nervous child might have of water. Try out a bubble machine for hours of laughs and inclusive play for playdates, picnics, parties, or the park.
Slip and slides are great fun to have with your children, and can be great for birthday parties in the sunshine. Little slides with a little water play in the hot weather are a great way to keep cool whilst being active outside in the garden, especially if your children are the adventurous type.

Kids are ultimately easy to please when it comes to having fun – they just need a little prompt sometimes. Getting out an active with a toy they love will kindle a healthy relationship with exercise and sharing with their friends and siblings too. Imagine the smile on their face when they see their very own scooter!
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