Tuesday 19 July 2016

Top 5 DIY tools you need

Warren isn't one for DIY around the house really so when we focus on the house after the wedding, I'm pretty sure it will be doing as much DIY and picture hanging as I can! We already have a few tools in our garage that I find handy when doing the DIY so I thought I'd share my top 5!

Of course your trusty hammer, tape measure, and level are what should be in your basic it, but these are the items you need if you fancy taking on a bit of a bigger challenge!

A drill/driver
A drill is probably the most obvious, so much easier than trying to screw through walls yourself with a screwdriver and you'll be surprised how much you actually use it once you get one. I recommend one from the ONE+ range hereRyobi ONE+ is a battery that fits all of it's ONE+ tools, which is over 50+ tools. This saves you buying and charging loads of different batteries so once you have one, you can expand your range easily.

Miter Saw
If you fancy doing some woodwork and ant it to be precise, a miter saw is your best option.. or even better, a sliding miter saw. It's perfect for cutting wood at all different angles so if you ever fancy making your own coffee table, you should invest in one!

Nail Gun

If you are really into making your own bits of furniture, a nail fun will be super handy, especially one with an air compressor. Once you own an air gun and compressor, you'll be surprised how often you use them. It's super fast & the nailheads are so tiny that they're nearly invisible—or at least easy to hide under wood filler.

Speed Square
A super cheap, basic product that you probably don't have but should definitely get. It's perfect for marking cut lines on wood or using with a saw to get the perfect angle and straight line.

Cat's paw
Another super handy product that won't break the bank. A cat's paw is a multipurpose tool. You can use it for more intense things like prying trim away from a wall or what you'll most likely use it for is to dig out nails from wood when they get embedded. 

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