Monday 18 July 2016

The Yeovil Show!

Yesterday, we headed off to the Yeovil Show... It's quite local to us and seemed like a fun family day out. Sienna was really excited, she loves a good day out especially when rides and ice cream are involved! Aria wasn't too sure but soon came round to the idea haha!

There was lots to do there, including food tasters (our favourite part) and lots of animals. Sienna loved trying to feed the sheep although they wouldn't really eat it haha. 

It was so warm even though it was cloudy which really added to the day, it wouldn't have been as fun if it was raining. We did have a few showers but it was nothing really, I didn't even get time to put the rain cover on the pushchair and it had stopped!

As with all of these events, there is food and drink stalls left, right and centre. There was so much option we didn't know what to choose! Sienna had a slushy as soon as we got there because she was obviously 'bursting hot and thirsty so a slushy is perfect' haha! Little madam! 

We took our Britax Bob stroller as it's perfect for this type of terrain. I loved this for jogging when I just had Sienna little and now it works perfectly for both of them as Sienna can sit on the front. It isn't meant for that but it does make a good seat for her and it's definitely strong enough! It also has a big basket underneath for everything. I'm so glad we kept it as I nearly sold it last year before I found out I was pregnant again! 

We had a pitstop lunch, mainly to feed the kids! Aria only had about half her bottle though as there was loud music and so much going on, she gets easily distracted! Sienna had a delicious Wyke Farms cheese toastie (so delicious that Warren and I shared it too, haha!). 

We let Aria have a kick and Sienna hid under the table to try and cool down and play with her sister. Aria was loving the grass on her hands! 

As well as the food halls and malls and sponsors, there was also competitions and the main arena doing displays.  We didn't watch much of it as Sienna wanted to keep exploring but she enjoyed the Twistmount Gundog and watching the sheep being sheared! If we'd have taken Piper we would have had a go at the agility course too, that would have been fun!

There was also other entertainment including Titan the Robot which was probably our highlight! He was so funny and really captured loads of people. He would just randomly turn up and cause a gathering and put on a little show! 

Check out my video to see more on the show! 

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