Friday 8 July 2016

The girl's playroom ideas

The girls aren't lucky enough to have a playroom... yet. If we stay in this house for a good few years, they could potentially share a room with bunk beds if they wanted to and then we could use the other room as a playroom for them.

The other day, Warren and I were actually dreaming about our forever home and the idea of a playroom came up. We both agreed it was a must have as Sienna has so many toys as it is, let alone when Aria starts getting lots for Birthdays and Christmas etc!

I've seen so many playrooms around on my Instagram and loads of them have such great styles. I'd definitely go colourful as you want a playroom to be fun! Some kids wall stickers would be fab, we're already a big fan of those. I love how they can transform a wall with minimal effort, no painting involved! They're easy to peel off if you want to change them too.

Of course, we'd need tons of storage as well for the massive amount of toys. I'd love to have a whole wall of storage all organised into little compartments for different types of toys. Not that it would stay that way haha!

I'd also love to incorporate some learning in a fun way such as posters or rugs of the alphabet, and we'd have a chalkboard wall for drawing and writing and a reading area. No doubt there would be lots of pink too, Sienna's a big fan of pink and if Aria is a girlie girl like her, I'm sure she'll follow in her footsteps!

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