Saturday 16 July 2016

funny things my 4 year old says #8

'His whole face screamed, he had a great big shriek on him'


'I was desperately thirsty'


'It's so funny there are lots of cars and we're in Cardiff!'


'I'm so glad you gave me a drink then, because I was sooo bursting hot!'


SiSi: 'Is this cheese or butter?'

Me: 'It's Cheese'

SiSi (singing) : 'Cheese me, cheese me, cheese me, cheese me baby'


(looking through my Instagram photos)

'Oh I remember this picture, you went out with girls and had lots of glasses of wine and then felt sick. I remember that!'

'Oh no this picture died' (because it was in black & white haha!)

'Oh this is when you were first pushing out Aria, you look so nervous and you closed your eyes. So nervous'


(blowing raspberries at Aria she laughed and said) 'Oh that tickled my beard!'

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