Wednesday 13 July 2016

Rhymes which educate pre schoolers

Sienna has always been a really big fan of nursery rhymes, ever since being in my tummy actually when I was pregnant! We used to sing a lot of them too her when she was newborn too and now that she knows them herself, she loves to sing them to Aria.. it's so cute to watch! Recently she has been watching the videos on YouTube not just singing them.. she loves to learn the movements that go with the songs, as they do it at playgroup too. 

The best creator we have found on YouTube is ChuChu Tv and with nearly 5 million subscribers, we're clearly not the only ones who love them! They are animated performances of well-known nursery rhymes and other kids' songs that are not only fun, but educational at the same time. Their aim is to bring out positive messages with entertaining songs and animations that kids enjoy, and they have definitely succeeded with that aim!

They're such a great brand.. most of their team have little ones at home, which helps them create the content for kids as they know what kids are watching and loving and keep up to date with it. We also love how they don't do all the typical nursery rhymes.. the classics are good but they can get a bit repetitive so finding fun new ones is great for everyone. They also keep their videos unique with lots of new artwork which is why they work hard on a video and upload every now and then as opposed to all the time.

This Wake Up song above is one of Sienna's favourite and it teaches her the good habits to have in the morning as well which is fab. I know using TV and YouTube is a bit controversial but I know Sienna takes it all in and learns so much from watching it!

They also have another channel called ChuChuTV Surprise for Surprise egg videos. If you have a toddler, no doubt yours is obsessed with surprise egg videos too! Some of the ones we find on YouTube are a bit weird and are not that educational at all but I'm actually a fan of the ChuChuTV ones! 

They teach them so much and having the words on the screen gets them interested in reading and words as well and is a bit more interactive. They also have themes such as vehicles and wild animals so they learn what's in those groups and then learn how you use those items or what sound that animal makes etc. I love how they say the colours of each eggs too as it helps with learning colours. There's just so many learning aspects from it! 

Sometimes I get involved too.. rather than just letting Sienna watch it on her own, I will watch it with her and pause it before they say the name of the animal/vehicle so she can tell me if she knows it first. She much prefers this sometimes to doing work books or something, especially if she's tired as it doesn't feel like learning it feels like play. I will definitely be doing this with Aria as she gets older too and I think she'll love the videos just as much as her big sister!

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