Saturday 2 July 2016

Parenting | Things that might be different with your second baby

As you progressed through your second pregnancy, you might have noticed a few differences. Perhaps you put it down to the difference between carrying a boy to a girl. Or maybe just that you’re a little bit older this time. But when you went into labour, you probably resigned yourself to the fact that no two babies are the same. All those thoughts that you had the first time around may be back. But you know if your heart that there are plenty of differences between this baby and the last. It’s a sign of things to come!

Raising a baby will always be a personal experience between you, your baby and the rest of your family. Despite all the pearls of wisdom outsiders give you, your own experience never quite marries up to them. But when you have your second baby, you have your experiences from the first to carry you through, right? Nope! The things you came to know as normal and expected with the first are a completely different set of normal and expected things for the second.

Even the goodwill and excitement of others will seem a little more muted this time around. They’ve seen you with a newborn before, so perhaps it doesn’t seem so novel now. But for you, this is a brand new little person, with his or her own little personality. You couldn’t be more excited about meeting them or introducing them to the wider community. After all, you’re not nearly as nervous about what do this time around.

But those things you took for granted last time may not work this time. For example, your first may have slept through the night from early on. Your second is a night owl. Breastfeeding was a breeze and nothing out of the ordinary for number one. Now your nipples couldn’t be sorer, and the bottle is becoming more essential. And what is going on with your tummy? You were so sure it was back to its pre-pregnancy glory by this point last time!

Perhaps something that never changes is the goodwill of others when you have a baby. They’re all so keen to get Bubba a gift. Perhaps you could point them in the direction of your favourite baby gift store? Online shops like Little Chickie have some adorable gifts for newborns that might be to your taste. Having something new for your newborn is always nice, even though everything else is preloved from your first child. If only it were this cheap the first time around!

Although you will never be complacent, at least you feel more confident that you know what you’re doing this time. You may surprise yourself with how relaxed you feel. And you may even feel more energetic this time too. This is because your experience makes things different the second time around. Perhaps the most unexpected thing about your second baby is how different your experiences and feelings are.

There is no telling how different things can be. But if you expect things to be the same for each subsequent child, you may be very surprised! Perhaps the only thing that will definitely be the same is your love for your beautiful children.  

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