Wednesday 27 July 2016

Mummy + Me // July 2016

July had whizzed by, time is seriously flying by! July hasn't been a particularly exciting month for us.. there hasn't been anything really going on but we've just been enjoying time together. For the most part, Sienna has been really well behaved this month and it's so nice. We have so much fun together and she's been making me laugh so much, she is always saying we're best friends which I love! 

The start of the Summer holidays was so hot it was so nice having time outside and in the paddling pool! Both girls are such water babies! It was hard to sleep at night though although the girls seemed to sleep even better, it must have knocked them out or something, haha!

We seem to be living at the park, it's the perfect place to go to kill some time, have fun and of course, it's free! Sometimes we go in the morning and the afternoon. As Aria gets older she joins in going on the swings and down the slides so that's more and more fun and she seems more interested and excited.

It's really nice to be able to slow down and spend some time with my girls and really enjoy them. I feel like when we have the routine of work and playgroup, I'm constantly rushing around as we have to be places at certain times or I have to cram in as much work as possible before Sienna comes home.  

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