Monday 4 July 2016

Mummy + Me // April, May & June 2016




I can't believe I haven't linked up to this for a few months.. as you can see, I have been making sure we get plenty of photos together but just kept forgetting to post them in a blog post! So I thought I'd cheat and put 3 months into one as I love looking back at these photos and seeing how we've all changed.

It's been a fun few months.. we have been on a few really exciting days out and both girls are always so behaved when we're out, they make me so, so proud! I haven't braved going out with them on my own yet I don't think. I always drag Warren or my mum along with me but I'm confident I could do that soon as they really are so good. 

I'm also a lot more confident taking Aria out now I'm not breastfeeding. I used to get so anxious about when and where she'd want a feed and for how long as sometimes I could be feeding for up to an hour and if I had them both on my own, Sienna would get bored etc! But she is a lot quicker having a bottle so I can keep Sienna occupied at the same time. 

I say this every month but now that Aria getting bigger, Sienna is loving interacting with her more and more. Although she doesn't like that Aria can now pull her hair, haha! We're all looking forward to her being able to sit up a bit more though so then she can really join in. Sienna also can't wait for her to start eating and she loves pretending to feed her at the moment! 

Things are slowly getting easier and I'm starting to really enjoy having two girls! 

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