Sunday 31 July 2016

Me & Mine: May, June & July!

Me & Mine



Once again, I've been so rubbish with keeping up with these! I feel the months just whizz by and I haven't managed to get any good photos of us as a family. I've got back through my photos and dug out these random ones of May and June but you can't really see Aria in any of them haha! I guess she was near enough a newborn so it's allowed! Now she is bigger and sitting up I can hopefully get some better ones!

Over the past few months...

Warren has been liking..
Getting back to football,
Driving the buggy in Bluestone,
The hotter weather,
Feeding Aria her bottle,

Kerry has been liking...
Vlogging more,
Quality time in Bluestone,
Getting more sleep,
The summer holidays,
The fact the wedding is nearly paid for...

has been liking..
Rhyming words
Making up songs
Playing mummy with her babies
Making 'puree' out of play dough to feed her dollies,

has been liking..
Rolling over,
Sitting up,
Big sister singing to her,
Eating food!
Sophie le giraffe,

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