Sunday 10 July 2016

Decorating tips to make a grand entrance

Perhaps your house has a peaceful, neutral colour palette and is intended to be a welcoming sanctuary. Or maybe you have bold, vibrant decor full of conversation pieces intended to stir passion and excitement. 

Whatever your personal tastes, you can create a hallway that speaks volumes about the rest of your home. Browse the tips from Furniture Plus below to create hallways that will make a lasting first impression.

Add a Scent

Many homeowners overlook the detail of scent, but studies have shown that scent can instantly make a room appear fresher, more well kept and even less claustrophobic. Many people’s perception of space in the home is related to how well the air circulates. A room with little or no fresh air is likely to feel more cramped than one with good ventilation. 

Scent can help to create an impression of space and vitality. Select fresh, clean scents rather than heady florals if you are trying to eliminate a claustrophobic atmosphere or expand a narrow room. You might be surprised by the difference that it makes.

Add Light

Where possible, allow as much light into your hallway as possible. Hallways have a bad reputation for being narrow, characterless spaces that are an afterthought. A lot of this perception can come down to the fact that they seem small and poorly lit. If you are fortunate enough to have windows, ensure they are unobstructed or that curtains and blinds are adequately held back. 

If there is no natural light, why not add a stylish lamp or even a string of fairy lights? This can create a playful bohemian style as well as provide effective lighting. Mirrors can also help to create light and space where it is in short supply.

Play with Texture

Hallways need not simply be functional, linear structures. With a few added chairs or additional seating, it can also become a great area for reading, study or coffee mornings. Add a few textured throws or blankets. Not only will this help any guests who might become chilly, but it also adds a sumptuous and luxurious feel to the space. 

Cushions are also a great way to add texture and make a space instantly more inviting. Why not vary between neutral shades for larger areas and then a pop of colour or playful graphic print on the cushions?

Metallic Accents

Metal or metallic details are luxurious and eye-catching. They can be as subtle as door or drawer handles or curtain poles or a bigger statement such as as a metallic vase or tray. Reflective surfaces also bring extra light to a space and look especially beautiful in the evening by candlelight. In the daytime they sparkle too. 

Add Levels

It can be easy to overlook different levels of the room in favour of simply placing objects and decor at eye level. But varying the levels of interest around the room can be an unexpected and stylish way to update your hallway. 

On the ground level, you might select a patterned rug or colourful draught excluder. At eye level, it might be a vase or sculpture. Higher still might be ornaments on top of a bookcase or a string of lights. Do not feel that there has to be something interesting at every turn. Occasionally, less is more. But if you are considering placing an object of interest, think carefully about what level might make the most impact.

Hallway Furniture: Keep It Simple

When it comes to hallway furniture such as seating, cabinets, tables and more, the simpler the better. The hallway is likely to be short on space in comparison to the rest of the house, so use it wisely. Busy family life and other commitments can often mean our hallways become cluttered. When leaving in the morning or returning at night, keeping things clean and tidy there might be the last thing on our mind. 

Tossing down a coat, jacket or shoes can be made instantly easier with added storage. Get creative. Perhaps there is a seat that also doubles as storage or stackable boxes that will slot easily into a space or against a wall. Many homes and families find that a lack of storage is one of the main reasons for clutter. Creative storage in the hallway can be both attractive and practical.

Add Plants

Bringing a bit of the outdoors inside can be a great way to freshen up a space. Fresh flowers or greenery can lift the vitality of your hallway. They are an eye-catching conversation piece and may even have a beautiful fragrance to welcome your guests too. If you are not the type to have green fingers, plants can be an attractive detail in decor too. 

Floral prints or botanical designs can have the same impact with none of the commitment. You do not need to remember to water a houseplant that is only in print!

Conversation Pieces

When used sparingly, a conversation piece or statement item can be wonderful in the hallway. It might be a sculpture, art work or other object. But it will be designed to grab the attention of all who set eyes on it. Even if the rest of your home has a neutral palette or minimal design, a pop of colour or a statement item as you walk in can make a bold and memorable first impression. 

Your hallway can allow you to make an entrance in more ways than one. It's the first room in the house that you or any visitors see and first impressions are important. So make sure the lighting, decoration and hallway furniture are perfectly welcoming. 

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