Tuesday 5 July 2016

4 inexpensive ways to renew a Kid's bedroom!

Toilet training, enforcing nap time, and teaching manners are some of the parental tasks that have a low fun factor. But updating the décor in your child’s room, perhaps with your child’s input or help, is a joyful experience for many parents. Researchers have proven that a person’s environment, whether it’s at home, school, work, or anywhere else, impacts mood and behavior. That’s one reason it’s important to keep your child’s room feeling safe, comfortable, and inviting. Here are four easy ways to update your kid’s bedroom while staying within your budget.

Refresh the Walls

Image via Flickr by hagwall

With a couple of cans of paint and some basic supplies, you can change the overall feel of your child’s bedroom for under $100. Because color has the power to impact a child’s emotional state, choose a wall color with care. Hues of red and yellow tend to raise the energy level while greens and blues soothe and comfort. Add a splash of fun by painting one wall with chalkboard paint. This allows your child to decorate the wall with chalk drawings.
Create an art gallery feel by framing some of your child’s artwork. Use pre-cut mats and do-it-yourself frames from discount retailers or craft stores to make this an inexpensive project. Or, for under $15, you can buy wall decals to give the room a theme such as superheroes, ballerinas, or jungle animals.

Light It Up

If you rent or just don’t want the hassle of painting, update your child’s room with fresh lighting. This can be as simple as buying a couple of colorful bedside lamps at a consignment furniture shop. Another bright idea is to string lights in your child’s room. Online retailers such as Christmas Lights Etc sell affordable lights that are beautiful to hang year-round, including starlight spheres, rope lights, and battery-powered mini lights. Choose a color for your lights that coordinates well with existing décor to give your child’s room a magical feel.

Make New Furniture

For the talented do-it-yourselfer, update your child’s bedroom with new pieces of furniture. Making a new fabric-covered headboard or painting a thrift-store nightstand are easy weekend projects. Building a small desk or shelving requires a bit more time, money, and effort.

Upcycle Common Items

Image via Flickr by PhilipsPhotos

With a willingness to be creative and reimagine common objects, you can upgrade your child’s bedroom on a dime. Paint discarded hubcaps red, yellow, and green to create wall art in a car-themed bedroom. Thrifty decorators can paint a wooden pallet and then turn it on its side to create spaces that hold shoes. A painted pallet can also become a fence-like headboard. Spray-paint branches white to create sylvan accents. Paint shallow buckets and hang them on the wall to create circular shelving. 
When possible, allow your child to help with these projects. It will give you both a sense of pride when the job’s done, and your child will appreciate the new décor even more because he or she contributed to the effort. What are some cost-conscious upgrades you’ve made to your child’s bedroom?

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