Sunday 19 June 2016

Wedding | 4 months to go!

It's time for another wedding update as it's only 3 months and about 3 weeks away, eek! I'm so excited but getting nervous...I just hope everything goes to plan and everything looks how I've imagined it over these past 2 years whilst planning! I also hope I look half decent haha!

We did have a bit of a bridesmaid dress drama which I was stressing about but we finally found some new ones I like so we've ordered those. I originally wanted the burgundy.. after months of looking we found one that was burgundy so ordered it but when it turned up it was more red and just wasn't the colour I wanted. I couldn't find any other burgundy dresses I liked, it seems it's just not the 'in' colour at the moment, so we've gone for Plan B and ordered a different colour but I'm so happy with them! I want to keep them a surprise though but I will tell you they were from ASOS!

I also have the floral crowns for the flower girls..

How bloody gorgeous are these?! They are perfect, I'm so happy with them! The lovely Georgina made them for me over at Eden & Primrose and I can't wait to see how the girls look all dressed up in their outfits! I'm really hoping Aria keeps hers on! I still need to get the flower girls shoes though.

Warren and the lads are going suit shopping on the 25th of this month and I've sent him pictures of what I want but god knows what they'll get haha! 

We've paid off the first half of our venue and food cost which feels good! I need to pay our super talented photographer Kerry Bartlett soon and meet up with her too. Looking at her photographs makes me so excited, I can't wait to see how ours look! We also need to set a date to do our menu tasting which I'm looking forward too!

Warren surprised me by telling me he's booked me a make-up artist for the day. I was uming and ahing wether to get one or do it myself and he just wen ahead and did it. Although thinking about it now, I'm not sure if it's a nice gesture or if it means he thinks I look awful when I do my own make-up hahaha! I'm still pretty undecided on how to have my hair, I think I need to try a a few things out to see which I like best. I am also waiting for my veil to come into the bridal shop so I can go and try my dress on again with the veil and everything to see what adjustments need to be made. I haven't tried it on since the day I bought it so I'm itching to get back into it and see how it looks now! I'm hoping it still looks as good as the day I bought it, although I have had a baby since, so I'm a little bit chubbier! Eeek! 

We've decided to go ahead and book a honeymoon too which is super exciting! Although, we're calling it a 'familymoon' as we'll be taking the girls. We are going to Portugal for 6 nights and we leave the day after the wedding so it will be a whirlwind week. Sienna is so excited about going on an aeroplane, she has been asking us for ages to go on one! We booked a really family friendly hotel with lots of things to do in the hotel so hopefully Sienna can just play while we relax.. ;)

I'm also in the process of getting 'bits and bobs' for the wedding.. the bits that aren't essential but I really want. I was sent a few lovely bits from Kelly Connor designs that I love. This Bride to be bag will be with me the morning of the wedding.. we're actually staying at the venue the night before with some of our close friends so we will be there the day we wake up. I will be using this for all my supplies like shoes, jewellery etc!

And then of course the day after I will be using these..

I'm totally wearing this jumper the morning after when we go down for breakfast and to the airport ;) I want to use the bag as my hang luggage but it depends if I can fit enough in it haha! If not, I will use it as my bag for the beach/pool so everyone knows I'm now a Mrs! ;)

It's getting so close and exciting now, I'm sure it will be here before we know it!

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