Saturday 25 June 2016

Questions 3 year olds ask..

This started off as ALL the questions my three year old asked me, but when we got to number 236 before 9am.. I thought I'd just settle for a few ;)

Can I have toast AND cereal for breakfast because my tummy hurts? 

Can I have some water please because I was sooo burning hot just then..

Why did you buy the rice crispies with the holes in the sides?

Can I talk to our neighbour?

Can you look at this cheerio stuck to my leg? 

Look at this big clump in my piece of toast? 

Mummy, can I play with your dead flower?

Next time I have toast, can you just put a little drop of honey on it, not so much like you did now?

Can I do the colouring cut outs and they go in the stage that hang from the top and you get a box and put it down and slide the ocean card down in there to look like an ocean? (no idea what she's on about)

Please can you just let me figure out what colouring I want to do?

Mummy, how about I colour them in and then you can cut them out in the morning and then we'll put them in the box and slide the ocean card in the back and then we can play with it? Doesn't that sound good? (still no idea what she's on about!!)

Mummy, how about we do this jellyfish coration? (She meant decoration)

Mummy, look at this! (x 5000000000)

Oh, can you grab my water from the table please?

Mummy, do you know.. Aria told me that Olivia moved next to Martha's grandma's house (Aria is 4 months old...)

Mummy, do you want me to drink the rest of your water? Because it's so nice and cold..

Oh Mummy, can you not sing so loud? (ha, she's a fine one to talk!)

I can use the handle to drink my drink, do you know that?

Why can't I just do what I wanna do?


I wonder what she'll ask tomorrow...

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