Thursday 16 June 2016

Parenting | Baby proofing the house!

I recently saw a friend of post a picture on her Facebook saying her little done had started crawling and was heading straight for the dog food.. it got me thinking that will probably be me soon! 

Sienna started crawling around 7 months if I remember rightly and so we only have 3 months until Aria is at that stage. I'm not saying she will definitely crawl then, she might take a while longer as every baby is different, but I should probably start baby proofing the house around that time just incase! 

With Sienna, we actually didn't have to babyproof very much apart from stairgates.. I never put locks on my cupboards or anything as I just told her not to go in them and she understood and listened. Aria is already proving to be the opposite of her big sister and very cheeky so I have a feeling it will be a totally different story this time round!

As Sienna's now 3 and a half, it's been quite a while since I've even thought about baby proofing so I need a little refresh! Sunlife has created this informative yet light hearted baby proofing tool to visually show us mums what risks we need to consider and what we can do to baby proof our house.   

I've gone through it and made a mental note of the important things and also a list of what to buy over the next few months! We already have one stair gate that we kept from Sienna being little but I need to buy everything else!

Do you have any baby proofing must have items or tips?

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