Thursday 23 June 2016

Motherhood | Babywearing a newborn

When I was pregnant with Aria, everyone told me that wearing my baby would make life so much easier what with already have a 3 year old. I could see the logic but I tried baby wearing with Sienna and I didn't like it so I was a bit sceptical. I decided I'd give it another go and I haven't looked back!

I think the type of carrier is what helped me have a better experience this time. With Sienna I used an ill fitting carrier than wasn't very supportive and so I ended up with backache after just an hour and a half as well as straps that were digging into my shoulders. I never wore her again and couldn't see how people could wear their babies for hours without being in a lot of pain.

This time round, I did a lot of research into baby wearing and what carriers offer the most support and best position for your baby. I went for a stretchy wrap style carrier in the end as that is what most people recommended. I have the Amawrap and I couldn't recommend it enough.. I have done a video on it here if you're interested. You can also get 10% off using code 'livedwithlove' if you want to order one for yourself.

Since having Aria, I have used the wrap more than her pushchair, especially in the first few months. Aria hated being led down or away from me when she was newborn and so wearing her was a must! If I didn't have her in the wrap she would just be screaming which stresses me out and isn't that good for her either. It also meant I was handsfree to play or see to Sienna which was a must as well. I have no idea how I would have juggled them both otherwise!

As well as the ease of baby wearing, I love the bond you get as well. There is nothing like baby snuggles on your chest and being able to have them while you load the dishwasher just makes life a bit better! I loved having Aria so close to me, all snuggled and warm and safe. She is now starting to not like being in the wrap though unless she is asleep so I'm on the hunt for a front facing carrier as she loves to look around and be nosey!

Do you love babywearing? Whats your experience been?

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