Tuesday 21 June 2016

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Ever since we got broken into in 2012, home security has been something I think about a lot and I am always double checking the doors are locked when I go to bed or pop out to the shops. In the Summer we tend to be out and about a bit more than the winter and home security can sometimes be overlooked, but it shouldn't. I have collaborated with Yale on this post to raise the importance of home security, wether you are home or away.

Last Summer, there were more than 200,000 domestic burglaries in the UK which is such a scary figure! There was also a 40% increase in outside thefts so it isn't only things in the house you need to be away of, but the garden too. Things such as bicycles, power tools and golfing equipment are popular so ensure you lock them away in a shed or garage.

Us brits take an average of 2.4 holidays a year and a staggering 8% of us admit to forgetting to lock doors or windows before going on holiday which to me, is crazy! 40% of us then post pictures to social media when we're on holiday so we are making it pretty easy for burglaries to happen. More than 75% of burglars use social media to find potential targets. How scary is that?!

We really need to be more careful and get these statistics down so next time you head out, take an extra thought at the security of your home and double check those windows, doors and gardens!

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