Friday 24 June 2016

Home decor | New posters with Desenio

Now that we have nearly paid off the wedding, I am starting to focus a bit more on the house. Every house we've lived in, we've never really made it ours as we've had other things going on such as me being pregnant and dying. When we moved into this house, I had a good feeling about it and we're pretty happy here as it stands. I just need to sort out some clever storage as it can feel a little on the small side when everywhere is cluttered. 

As well as storage, I wanted some art to go on the walls but I was never sure what kind of thing.. until I found Desenio. They recently contacted me and asked if I wanted to feature some of their art prints and frames and after taking a look, I was so excited to work with them... So excited that I got a poster or two for nearly every room in the house! It was so easy using the site and ordering posters online as well. 

I started with our room.. I wanted something that resembled love (obviously) but without being too soppy. As soon as I saw these two, I thought they were perfect together and snapped them up. I got 2 different sizes and I love how it looks. I just had to get the XO as I'm a big fan of Beyonce ;) I went for white frames to keep it fresh and bright.

In my kitchen, it was only right that I got something to do with coffee. This simple quote was perfect as I generally say to Sienna in the mornings 'just let me have my coffee first..'. For this, I went for the poster hanger and I absolutely love it.. it's so different and gives it a whole different look. I wish I had got a few more for other posters.

For our landing, I got this balance quote. I find quotes really help me when I'm feeling any kind of emotion and a reminder about balance before I start my day is great because I do tend to get quite stressed and try to 'do it all'. I got the black frame for this and love how it stands out a bit more.

I got a print each for the girls rooms.. Born to be wild for Sienna as it's perfect for her and a pink diamond for Aria. I got Aria's in the gold frame to go with her room and it looks fab! Sienna's is mounted to add a bit more white to the room as slowly everything is getting more and more pink, haha!

For my living room I went for words with meaning, 'breathe' and 'hakuna matata' because as I said I tend to get stressed and reading these just remind me to take a breath and stop worrying and stressing! I got white frames for both of them but I also like the breathe print with just wash tape.. what do you think? which is your favourite? 

Last but not least, I had to get this for our hallway as we are big social media users and feel lost when our wifi goes down, haha! I love the gold frame too!

I'm so impressed with Desenio, the quality and prints they offer are brilliant. I definitely intend of buying more! I think I'm going to start a gallery wall on our hallway. Exciting!

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