Wednesday 29 June 2016

Health | 15 snacks to boost energy & productivity

You all know I'm a big fan of eating well and I love learning about nutrition so this infographic I'm sharing today really caught my eye and I've enjoyed having a little look through! 

A lot of you ask me how I eat so well and have energy to workout as well as having two kids etc so I thought this infographic would be interesting to you and fit my blog perfectly!

I try to incorporate a lot of these foods or ingredients into my diet already as I know the benefits of them but I will be trying to add even more in as I have been feeling the tiredness lately.. although that's probably more to do with Sienna's 5:30am wake up calls, haha! 

Some of my favourite snacks are already on here such as cacao (obviously), trail mix, crackers and hummus and fruit and nut butters. These are also great ideas for kids.. Sienna also loves fruit and nut butters, crackers and hummus and turkey roll ups.

Let me know which ones take your fancy!

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