Thursday 23 June 2016

Days Out | 3 great family days out in the UK

I have to thank Apple and Samsung for making my job as a mum a lot easier. Instead of having to answer the constant drones of “I’m bored!”, I can put one of my kids’ favourite games in front of them and then relax. However, just like any mum, I don’t like the idea of my kids never leaving the house because they’d rather stay glued to their screens! To tackle this problem, I’ve brought together this list of some of the best family days out in the UK. I hope it helps!
Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire
Image: Wikimedia

If there’s one day out you can fall back on in the UK, then it’s castles. I’m sure you’ve been to a few as a child, and hopefully you’ll have some fond memories of them. If your kids are still around that age where knights, kings and queens are all they think about, then Kenilworth Castle is definitely somewhere you should consider. If you’re into history, you’ll be able to soak it all in and have a really intriguing day. I’m sure your children will have a great time seeing the historical actors, and hearing their own special audio tour. Kenilworth castle was built over the course of over 500 years; started during the Norman occupation and finished in Tudor times. Recently, its Elizabethan garden has been restored after 400 years of disuse. The restoration is based on a letter that dates back to 1575.

National Media Museum, West Yorkshire

Image: Wikimedia

Okay, perhaps your family isn’t all that into history. If science and technology is more your bag, then the National Media Museum could be a better choice. This massive museum has seven floors, all dedicated to the history of photography, TV and cinema. When you see some of the exhibits, and read about their significance in the world of media, it makes all the tech we have today extremely impressive. You’ll also get to see some older tech in action, and use interactive displays. If you go there on a regular weekday, then your kids may find the whole thing a little dry. Considering how obsessed they are with their devices, when you wind the clock back slightly tech becomes inexplicably boring! However, the museum runs special family days every weekend and during the school holidays. These include drop-in sessions and guided tours, which will make your kids forget they’re going to an actual “museum”! One of my favourite areas of the National Media Museum is the “Life Online” exhibition. This is a gallery completely dedicated to the development of the internet through the 20th century, and the impact it’s had on our modern day culture.
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Image: Wikimedia

I think it’s great whenever a parent tries to make a family day out educational. Sometimes though, the whole household needs to unwind, and forget about reading every last plaque and display. If this sounds like just what you need, then Blackpool Pleasure Beach is certainly a day out to consider. Out of all the days out for families in the UK, this may be the most fool-proof. Although people don’t flock to the UK for its beaches, Blackpool’s has a lot going for it. There are dozens of rides, ranging from gentle kiddie trains to intense, growling roller coasters. The Avalanche, In Fusion, and the famous Big Dipper will get you and your partner’s hearts racing, and maybe give you a priceless photo to take home as a souvenir. You might associate seaside resorts with fast food, but your choices go much farther than that. If your kids turn their noses up at anything that doesn’t have a side of chips, then you’re all sorted. If you and your partner want something a little more classy, then there’s a great oyster bar to check out. Past noon, there are some pretty good shows to sample. Most of these will be family-friendly, where your kids will have a chance to join in the action. Hopefully, there’ll be one or two subtle jokes to keep the adults from falling asleep. If you can leave your kids to the rides, then there’s a great hypnosis show hosted by Ken Webster. Derek Acorah, another hypnotist, also appears on the bill here and there. If you really want something for everyone, then Blackpool is your answer.
I hope you and your whole family have a great time at one of these attractions. If none of them really take your fancy, then I’m sure you’ll find something. The country is full of fun and interesting places; all you have to do is look.

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