Friday 17 June 2016

Aria | 4 month update

How is my little baby girl 4 months old? In a way that seems crazy to me but in other ways I feel lie she has been here forever, I can't imagine life with just Sienna.. Although I do look back and think how easy it was with just one haha!  

I feel like she's hit a few milestones this month, the first being rolling over! She did it while we were in Bluestone which was her first holiday which I thought was lovely! I put her on the bed on her back and when I turned around 2 seconds later she was like the picture above just looking at me! She has done it a few times on the floor too so it wasn't just a fluke. 

I also feel like she's bonding more and more with Sienna and it's lovely to see. Sienna is still a bit rough sometimes but now Aria is getting bigger and stronger, it isn't as scary! She loves holding her on her own now and they giggle together. Sienna's also more into playing with her and reading her books now she can kind of respond with a smile or giggle. I can't wait to see it develop more over the next few months! 

She has such good hand eye coordination, everything goes in her mouth and she is constantly trying to sit herself up, just like Sienna was at this age. Looks like we'll have another advanced little girl! She is also definitely teething but we lost her amber anklet somewhere between here and Bluestone over that week so I have just ordered another one! We have Sophie the giraffe but it seems a bit too big for her little mouth so I got these teething toys and clips and they seem tone much better! I kept them in the fridge so they're cool.. we also use anbesol, teething granules and calpol when she seems really bad. 

We had swapped to combination feeding and now we are swapping to solely formula. We thought about it long and hard, put ourselves under lots of pressure and shed lot of tears and felt a lot of guilt but we came to the decision it was the best for the family and so far, we haven't looked back and things have done a whole 360. I feel better as I don't have a baby hanging off me day and night, I'm able to get more done, Aria seems happy and more content because she isn't hungry all the time and we have more of a routine. It's now very similar to how it was when we had Sienna and for us personally, formula just seems to work for ours girls. Aria is like a different baby and that has made all of us happier. I'll be doing a more in depth post of getting into a routine next week!

She is loving toys this month a lot and seems to need constant stimulation.. I guess it is boring just led on the floor sometimes! Lamaze really kindly sent us some of their new launches and we love all of them so far. Freddie the Firefly gym is lovely, gorgeous bright colours and textures and has a mirror that Aria loves looking in. We took this to Bluestone as it's more portable than her fisher price playmat and I'd highly recommend it. I love that it comes with the cushion to use for tummy time too, a great idea and perfect addition for a playmat! 

We also got the Rainbow glow rosie toy that has been a big hit! It plays soft music and glows that changes colour and we use it as part of the bedtime routine to get her to sleep at it works so well! I show it more in this video. I've kept the high chair toy for when we start weaning so I'll show it more then but it looks fab!

Happy 4 months baby girl!

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