Friday 13 May 2016

Wedding planning | My hen do plans!

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Ah I'm so excited to be writing this post as we have been thinking of what to do for my hen night for months and months. When I was pregnant, I had no idea what to do and because I was so tired, I couldn't even think about what I would like to do haha.

It was hard because I didn't want to go anywhere too far for everyone to get too and I didn't want to stay overnight because of the girls. I wanted to do something a bit more special than just a meal out but it nearly came to that as there isn't much option around here.

Luckily.. Warren came to the rescue with an idea of going to the races! We used to go to the races every boxing day (pre kids) and I always love it. We are going to Bath races (Ladies days) in August and I just think it's the perfect thing to do for a hen night.

I can't wait to dress up and have drinks with all the girls. I have already started planning my outfit, although I'm still unsure what size clothes I will be or if I'll still be feeding Aria (and still have huge boobs) so I can't really buy anything yet.

Quiz clothing have a great range of occasion dresses though so I will keep them in mind. I don't know why but as soon as I thought about going to the races on my hen night, I pictured myself in a red dress. Although I might go for white so I look a bit bridal?! I'm so unsure! We will definitely be having hen night sashes and everything though so I'm sure I'll stand out! haha! Let the hen night planning begin!

What colour would you/did you wear on your hen night?

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