Monday 2 May 2016

Travel | Countdown to Bluestone

We head to Bluestone in just under 5 weeks and I'm so excited. I'm in desperate need of a little break and it will be our first little holiday as a family of four!

Sienna is really excited too as she can remember going last year and can't wait to do all the fun activities we did and try some new ones. She also said she's excited to show Aria around, bless her! For her travels, she has a couple of new items from My Doodles. The Olivia the Owl backpack suitcase & matching in-ear earphones.

The suitcase is deceiving as when it arrived, I thought it looked really small but it has the extra pocket on the front and the side net pockets so you can actually fit quite a lot in there. She loves to pull it along and as it isn't too big, can be worn as a backpack as well. The design is just so cute and colourful as well!

The earphones have been so handy already as she likes to wear mine when she's watching YouTube but they are too big for her ears, so are forever falling out and she asks me to put them back in every 2 seconds! These will be perfect for the car journey there as it takes us quite a while so no doubt there will be quite a lot of egg surprise! She loves that they match the suitcase too.

Speaking of matching.. I'm at it again with the girls clothing.. I just can't help myself! These watermelon swimsuits are from Sunuva and are just adorable!

I love the print, neon colours and boho beads... these suits just scream Summer fun to me! Sunuva are an online brand that offer kids UV swimwear and beachwear so these suits have UPF 50+ which is brilliant, especially if you're going abroad ( have brilliant reviews if you're tempted!). It's so important to look after their skin so that's why this brand is fab.

I can't wait to see the girls matching in these!

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