Tuesday 3 May 2016

The Kardashians guide to fitness!

Kim, Kylie, Kourtney, Kendall, Khloe – even Rob! No matter how hard you try, you can’t escape the constant bombardment of the Kardashians bodies (usually topless in Kim’s case). While the constant drip-feed can get a little overwhelming, I can’t help but commend them for being so honest and open about how hard they work to achieve their idea of ‘perfect’. 
Although I do wish Kim would keep her top on.
Anyway, if you like me are slightly in awe of their work out efforts, you might appreciate my round up of how to execute your fitness, Kardashian Style.

A Cap
Admittedly, I’m just not able to pull off a cap, I don’t own even an ounce of ‘swag’. If I’m being really honest, I have looked at the men wearing a snap back, backwards in the gym and thought ‘for the love of god, WHY??’
Also, I don’t get it! A cap inside? I sweat in the gym, A LOT. Surely wearing a cap is just another way to prevent heat leaving my body, it’s going to mean that my perspiration is absorbed by the cap…next to my skin, where it is going to stay for the duration of my workout. 
I’m sure it is great for keeping hair out of the way, but I really do just prefer a bobby pin.

Resistance Bands
We can’t deny, those Armenian beauties are enviably toned and curvy. This is down to a combination of weights and resistance bands. Used in a variety of work outs, from banded walks, leg lifts and even in as an alternative to a pull up, resistance bands are particularly handy for creating a lean, toned look.
Women’s Health reported that a banded 4x4 walk was crucial to Khloe’s ridiculously pert derriere.
Place a mini resistance band around your ankles and stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width, knees bent (A). From the starting position, imagine you're creating a large square: Step your right foot out to the right side (B), followed by your left foot, keeping tension in the band the entire time; continue 20 to 30 steps. Then step your left foot forward (C), followed by your right (D); repeat for 20 to 30 steps. Finally, take 20 to 30 steps to the left; then 20 to 30 steps backward (you should be back at your starting point).

The Kardashians are said to swear by them, because of how convenient they are. All of the global travelling means luggage space is limited, but that doesn’t mean the fitness regime is compromised – resistance bands will often be found in one of the suitcases.

A Hummer
No word of a lie. What else would you tie battle ropes to in LA? 
The Kardashians trainer, Gunnar Peterson has incorporated a bright yellow Hummer into all of Kim’s workouts. From Beat downs and waves with the ropes, to single leg squats and plyometric jumps – the car is there through it all.

*Loop a set of battle ropes (Amazon or eBay sell them) through a bar (or the grille of a car)
*Standing with your legs hip distance apart, lift both hands up high and slam the ropes down between your knees and squat at the same time.
*Stand and repeat. Do between 10/20 reps, or until you cannot do anymore.
*If you don’t have battle ropes you can use a garden hose or a twisted bed sheet.

Single leg squats
*Holding onto a bar (or the front of your car), bend both knees and taking one bent leg behind you, gently tap the ground with your toe.
*Place your foot back on the ground and repeat 10 times. Then switch sides.

Plyometric jumps
*Holding the bar (or car), bend both knees and bring your bum to the ground, then spring up high and back down into a squat position.
*Do this eight times, or as many as you can do until your legs give out.

*Holding the rope in each hand, lift one hand and then the other as if you are banging a drum.
*Do this for 30 seconds, working up to 60 seconds.
But don’t worry, you can use a Fiat 500 if you don’t have a Hummer handy. 

Don’t Forget the Waist Trainer
It seems that every celebrity out there has jumped on the waist training wagon, but I think it’s safe to say that the Kardashian pioneered the trend. 
Waist training seems to be extremely divisive, while the dramatic results often look incredible, many have concerns over the safety aspect. I spoke to Laura at WaistedUK to see if she could shed some light on the safety concerns.
“Traditional corsetry was damaging to internal organs thanks to the steel boning and harsh methods - steel is far too strong a material to use on your body and lace-up corsets are tightened too regularly, forcing your body into an unnatural shape in a very short space of time.  
With modern latex shapewear and waist training the key differences are the materials and time frames. Latex is much gentler, it eases your body into a shape that is already there, pulling in any excess fat rather than bones or internal organs as it isn't strong enough to displace those things. As well as doing that the material promotes thermal activity (basically it makes you sweat) which helps to lose excess fat and water.  Equally, modern waist trainers have a maximum of three rows of hooks and eyes which stops people from fastening them too tight - we are very careful to help our customers choose the correct size and this stops any potential damage. It's very easy to fasten a lace-up corset too tight as they go on loose and are then tightened to an inappropriate level but latex waist trainers are already tight and must be done up around the body, if it doesn't fit it won't fasten up.”
I hold my hands up – I use a waist trainer. It took some getting used too, and prepared to be fairly uncomfortable for the first few days (on one day I ate a shepherd’s pie for lunch and had to take it off altogether). I adore mine now, and aside from some mild sweat rash – SORRY – I’ve never had any problems. But I don’t wear it whilst working out, mainly because I like breathing. 

And lastly Photoshop
Ok, she rode it out pretty well and I can’t decide if I was happy or sad when Khloe Kardashian admitted her post gym selfie had been photo-shopped. Aren’t we all guilty of a little filtering at times? Admittedly, Photoshop takes it to an unnecessary level but if it means I can stop wanting to cry at THAT time of the month when I’m looking at these pictures because I know that even Instagram pictures are Photo shopped, then I’m ok with that.

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